Goldie Sommer is a respected lawyer

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Goldie Sommer has been working as an attorney for many years. She is experienced and professional in all the ways that you want your attorney to be. Goldie Sommer works in the Fairfield, New Jersey, area. She is a respected lawyer there and a named partner at a law firm in Fairfield. This law firm is called Sommer & Engelhart Attorneys at Law. This law firm would not be as successful as it is without the help and guidance of Goldie Sommer, who has definitely been an integral part of the firm’s success. Goldie Sommer isn’t an attorney, only, though. She is an attorney who also happens to be a real estate agent. She is not just any real estate agent, she is one who has a keen understanding of the housing market and the intricacies of the real estate industry. Not many people know the real estate industry well enough to understand the industry well enough to figure out how the law and real estate intersect and relate to one another. She is a licensed real estate agent who is very knowledgeable concerning the most common working of the industry, as well as the most obscure.

Goldie Sommer has many times worked in the areas where law and real estate intersect. She is a real estate law specialist who has been happy to help her clients by meeting their every need whenever possible. There is a need for real estate law specialists today—just think about how often real estate transaction involve legal forms and how often legal disputes involve real estate property. Goldie Sommer is vastly experienced in both the fields of law and in real estate—so she is intimately familiar with the issues a real estate lawyer must face.

You want Goldie Sommer to be on your side when you walk into a courtroom. She has repeatedly served as an expert witness in court cases in which real estate law is an issue. She has also been a mediator for the Better Business Bureau in the past.

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